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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

If you need a divorce attorney in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, or Orange Counties, Attorney Anne B. Howard is here to help. She ensures that her clients understand the process of divorce, including parental rights. The best plan of action for dissolving the marriage is devised for each individual case, and she makes sure your rights are protected.

Divorce is complicated and is one of the worst things most of us will ever experience. Anne Howard's expertise makes resolving your case a little less stressful and ensures that any agreement is reached with you understanding your rights under the law, whether it is a settlement case (uncontested) or a contested divorce that goes to trial.

California is a "No Fault" state, which means that neither spouse has to prove who was at fault in the breakdown of the marriage. Simply put, either spouse starts the process by filing for a petition of Dissolution of Marriage, and the other spouse is then either personally served the petition along with other legal documents or accepts service and signs a Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt. These documents get filed with the court.

Ms. Howard expertly guides her clients through the difficult issues of divorce, including reaching  and preparing temporary orders regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support; property division, and permanent orders regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support; and judgment of dissolution of marriage.

Attorney Anne B. Howard is here when you need us. Please continue to read through our website where you will find more important information on each of the topics noted above.

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