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Anne B. Howard works out of the Cuenca, Ecuador office (098) 813-4581.   She works with the Suquilanda Law Firm which is headquartered in Quito and has offices in Quito, Manta and Cuenca.  The Suquilanda Law Firm has an experienced bilingual team to assist clients with their legal needs in Ecuador.

Are you planning to move to Ecuador?  Let Anne B. Howard will help you obtain your visa whether it be an investment visa, pensioner’s visa, work visa or 6-month extension of your tourist visa.  Then let Anne help you get your cedula.

Are you buying or leasing property in Ecuador?  Let Anne prepare your real estate purchase and sale contract or lease. 

Have you done your estate planning in Ecuador?  Your American or Canadian will does NOT apply to what you own in Ecuador, including your Ecuadorian bank accounts and real estate .  Meet with Anne to discuss your Ecuadorian estate planning. 

An area that Anne is developing in Ecuador is Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Wills.  This area is of particular importance to ensure that clients’ needs are met and that they have someone to help them while they are incapacitated.  Hospitals in Ecuador are not bound to follow your companion’s wishes unless your companion is your legal Agent.  Let Anne prepare the appropriate documents.

When you have a legal issue in Ecuador, let Anne B. Howard, Esq. and the Suquilanda Law Firm help you.